Comunicação Integrada

Integrated communication

Manage your works, suppliers and employees, and optimize your processes.

Aumento de Produtividade

Productivity increase

Standardize, automate your processes and save your staff time.

Redução de Custo e Riscos

Cost and risk reduction

Minimize fines for delays and rework, and increase the assertiveness of your tasks.

Maior Flexibilidade e Segurança

Greater flexibility and security

Flexible storage and cloud providers with advanced encryption.

Build the perfect match

Our software is simple and complete, developed by a specialist in Planning, Management and Control of Works. The goal is to be your "GPS" , providing relevant and real-time information that will help you make quick and informed decisions. Discover also our specialized services in planning, management and control of works.

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Projete Resultados

Results projection

Know in real time when your work will end and how much it will cost with everything that happened so far. Make informed decisions and correct deviations.


Budget management

Keep track of your budget forecast vs. your budget online. Have an organized history and make the best decision in your negotiations.

Controle o prazo

Schedule management

Keep track of the planned vs. accomplished of your online schedule. Break down each task in your Work schedule into more specific weekly tasks, generating a work order for each team.


Supply management

Run the sourcing process simply, quickly, securely, budgeted and automated.


Financial management

Operate your company's accounts payable and receivable in an integrated manner with supplies and budget. Manage cash flow and financial forecasts with automated and online updates, including very short, short, medium and long term views.

Consolidacao Onyz

Earnings consolidation

Access your company's consolidated earnings automatically, online and in the palm of your hand.


Made for Your Business


Builders, managers and contractors

Engenheiros e arquitetos

Engineers and Architects

Service and construction providers

Service and construction providers


How Artificial Intelligence can help your engineering company

In this article, we'll introduce you to the main concepts of AI and Machine learning, their applications in construction and how the two techniques are beneficial to your business.

Integração de processos

Integration of processes in civil construction: discover the advantages

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Deep Dive into ERP: Understand How This Technology Can Help Engineering Companies

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About Onyz

Developed by a civil engineer passionate about construction and simplicity, we seek to be the best ERP option for micro, small and medium construction companies.

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