How Artificial Intelligence can help your engineering company

In this article, we'll introduce you to the main concepts of AI and Machine learning, their applications in construction and how the two techniques are beneficial to your business.

Integração de processos

Integration of processes in civil construction: discover the advantages

[...] Construction companies, contractors and other engineering companies can use technology as an ally and, through software or ERP systems, for example, integrate various company functions, facilitating workflows [...]


Deep Dive into ERP: Understand How This Technology Can Help Engineering Companies

[...] Now that you understand where ERP came from and its performance in companies, it's time to understand how it can be applied in Civil Construction[...]

Bola de Cristal

Planning and the Crystal Ball

[...] they see the Work's planning as a kind of “premonition” , where the person responsible for the elaboration took his “Crystal Ball” and tried to guess everything that would happen in that Work, especially when it would finish [...]


Action Plan - “5W2H”

The “5W2H” technique is a practical tool that allows, at any time, to identify the most important data and routines of a project or a production unit and draw up an action plan with the objective of enhancing them or solving a problem.[...]


KPI - Monitoring the results of your decisions

KPI - The current scenario of companies is characterized by aggressive competition and the great speed at which changes occur. As a way to stand out in the market, strategic factors emerged[...]

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